Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Remote Printer Management

Carrying out essential monitoring and maintenance on a whole fleet of MFPs and printers can be a time-consuming and costly process. Any delay in recognizing vital issues and maintenance needs can lead to increased device downtime, while relying on reactive, on-site servicing can cause maintenance costs to spiral out of control.

360Dtii Fleet Services in coordination with Kyocera provides one powerful, web-based solution for performing remote maintenance on your fleet. Hosted in the cloud, Kyocera Fleet Services enables companies and service staff to view the status of all devices in the fleet, quickly and easily identify and respond to issues and undertake key maintenance tasks, all from any location.

360Dtii Fleet Services In Coordination With Kyocera: The Complete Solution For Your Printer Fleet

Remotely monitor all devices in your fleet, receive direct device notifications and quickly identify issues that need attention. Remotely troubleshoot key maintenance tasks on your Kyocera devices, including firmware upgrades and setting adjustments.


Device Notifications   Receive device status notifications by email and service staff can address issues before users are even affected.

Panel Screenshot   Use your PC to view real-time panel screens of your devices to support troubleshooting and service calls.

Dashboard   Get a clear overview of the status of your entire fleet on one simple screen. Quickly identify devices that need your urgent attention and react faster to any issues that arise.

Reporting   Run detailed reports to monitor the status and performance of your devices.

Firmware Updates   Upgrade your firmware packages via the cloud, and receive new firmware upgrades at your convenience.

Maintenance and Device Settings   Configure the maintenance mode and device setting of your devices remotely.

Panel Note   Get text notifications of ongoing servicing information directly on the panel screens of your devices to help users stay informed.

Remote Meter Collection – FM Audit

360Dtii Fleet Services and FMAudit let you take the next step in managing your fleet. Never run out of toner again and no more manual meter reads, FMAudit keeps your technicians on top of all machines in your fleet.

Most data collection options offer only one-way communication. FMAudit’s managed print services software gives you two-way communication between your accounting and dispatch systems. This two-way communication streamlines business processes and eliminates overhead related to meter billing, supply reorder processing, service deployment, purchasing, and managed print services assessment and proposals.

Take control over your printer fleet through easy meter reads and supply information.

360 DTii Fleet Services Featuring FMAudit

Get the information you need to take control of your printer fleet. Never run out of toner again and always know how much your departments are printing.


Collect meters without installing software

Quickly uncover Total Cost of Ownership

Bi-Directional Communication

Supply Triggered Delivery

Canon Solutions America

360Dtii has partnered with Canon Solutions America to bring you state of the art solutions for your print fleet and CRD environments. Talk to us about production and large format systems as well as software and office products, systems and supplies.

Canon Solutions America’s primary mission is to improve workflow efficiency and document processes in organizations of all sizes and industries, while helping them reduce waste. This is accomplished through the strategic implementation of services, technology, and support options that are unique to each customer’s operational requirements.

360 DTii Fleet Services In Cooperation With Canon Solutions America

From large scale CRD environments to fleet services and beyond, 360Dtii and Canon Solutions America can provide you with the expertise and technology to ensure your success in an ever changing marketplace.


Production Systems   From cutsheet to continuous feed, monochrome to full-color presses, and toner to inkjet, these scalable production printing and workflow solutions are customized for your business and backed by award-winning service.

Large Format Systems   Wide format monochrome and color printers / plotters / copiers / scanners for technical documents, GIS and display graphics applications.

Office Products & Systems   Innovative Canon technology has changed the way images and text is put to paper. Today, Canon is leveraging its heritage in the printer business and its branding expertise to extend this market presence.

Software   Our diverse software portfolio can add value to many different industries such as Healthcare, Legal, Education, Automotive, and Finance, helping organizations manage their information and paper intensive workflows efficiently and securely.

Supplies   The key to a great outcome with a project is starting with the proper supplies. Always choose genuine supplies that are engineered to work with your equipment.